For those who know him, Frederic Cambus does not always use htop.

But when he uses htop, the results are ... interesting.

The entire article is well worth a read: "Speedbuilding LLVM/Clang in 2 minutes on ARM"

(TL;DR: you need a metric shitload of CPU for that)

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It's also sad @fcambus is not using his Mastodon account more - his last post on the fediverse dates back to 2018... 🀨


From the article:

"The system I'm using for this experiment is a BM.Standard.A1.160 bare-metal machine from Oracle Cloud, which has a dual-socket motherboard with two 80 cores Ampere Altra CPUs, for a total 160 cores, and 1024 GB of RAM. This is to the best of my knowledge the fastest AArch64 server machine available at this time."

@ParadeGrotesque My god.

I should have read the article but TL;DR so thanks for that.

@ParadeGrotesque -> "./bootstrap --make-jobs=160 --unprivileged" :flan_hurrah: #unixporn #pkgsrc ... 160 cores... very naughty...


Yes, I like the fact he uses to bootstrap his LLVM installation. πŸ€“

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