Ha ha ha, former $WORK is asking for money back. Almost 4 months after I left.

This - to me - is almost unbelievable. Old $WORK made a mistake TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO. Gave too big a bonus to all employees. Everyone.

They just woke up and are saying, in effect: "Remember that 2018 bonus? Yeah, well, uh... We made a mistake, so please reimburse us. Pronto. Here are the bank details".

F* those f*ing bastards. They will have to talk to my lawyer.

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@ParadeGrotesque I like the way you're handling this. After all, if the tables were turned they'd probably say "Fuck you, go ahead and sue us!" when you asked for the money you were rightfully owed.


At this point, to be honest, I am not handling this.

I'll just play dead until I receive another email or official letter from them. At that point, though, I'll have had time to talk to my lawyer. And I don't think he'll be amused.

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