So Apple is going to go full ARM with their next generation of MacBooks.

OK. I mean, I get it, according to some people Intel Skylake is just a dumpster fire.


But still, the question remains: why pay Apple price when Pinebook Pro64 is (checks the Internet really quickly) US$ 199.99?

And when aforementioned Pinebook Pro64 gives you the choice of OS?

@ParadeGrotesque > why pay Apple price when Pinebook Pro64 is (checks the Internet really quickly) US$ 199.99?

Seriously? You're asking that question? Isn't it well known why? People purchase Apple products for the build quality, the support, the hardware/software synergy of Apple products, and the privilege to feel smug about their Apple product until the next one is released (which is usually about a year).

@Ertain @ParadeGrotesque
Build quality? Apple's hardware quality has been declining drastically every release.

Check out Louis Rossmann's channel:

Synergy and brand smugness? Perhaps.

@danuker I thought their products lasted for years due to the quality of their parts and the assembly.

@Ertain @danuker In my experience, this is true. We've had three Apple computer products in the house over the years. We used one laptop for like 12 years, the other for 7+. Those are gone now. The newest one is an iMac that's only 1 year so far. Here's my face:

Just ignore the six Linux computers and like 10 Linux servers.

@ParadeGrotesque Very good point, especially their software quality is a shell of their former selves.

@ParadeGrotesque I mean is a hell of a reason to buy the Mac. (Note that the RK3399 device is not a Pinebook Pro, but that’s the fastest device with the same SoC. And, of course, the iPad Pro isn’t a Mac, but that’s the same SoC as the Mac Developer Transition Kit, and actual Mac hardware will almost certainly be faster.)

That’s not to say that there’s not hackability advantages to the Pinebook Pro, but they’re not at all comparable. The Pinebook Pro’s performance is comparable to 5 year old low-end Atom-based tablets and netbooks, whereas the current iPad Pro (acting as a proxy for the Mac DTK) is comparable to current modern high-end thin-and-light laptops.

@ParadeGrotesque I'll probably buy one of each eventually, but I have no strong need for a Pinebook.


Most Apple sheep don't choose Apple based on logic and merit. Sad but true.

@ParadeGrotesque I'm guessing they will quickly abandon all the "old" Intel machines too, like they did when they transitioned from PPC. Will be a good time for owners of such machine to try a free OS, instead of tossing it to get a new mac.

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