The original sin of Europeans was not extending freedom to slaves when they had the chance.

Athens invented democracy, but did not extend it to slaves or freed them.

Sparta was founded on the most brutal and ruthless form of slavery.

Many European kingdoms abolished slavery on their soil, but kept it alive in their colonies.

Spain banned slavery for Native Americans, but allowed it for Africans.

The US were founded on the idea of freedom... except for slaves of course. (1/x)


In all cases, the reason was simple: slaves were, and are, a source of enormous profits (see: Thomas Jefferson).

"Colonies" replaced slavery during the 19th century. Fortunes were built on the back of slaves and on the work of colonies later. Some of which were slavery by any other name (See: Belgium, Leopold II).

The truth is, we need to stop and re-assess what we, Europeans, have done. For centuries.

If you disagree with this, please unfollow me and don't bother replying. OKTHXBYE. (2/2)

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