Went out for a small bit of shopping today.

Paris is quiet, almost peaceful, a few people out and about. Not a policeman in sight, even though they are supposed to control you have your authorization.

The shop I went to had no pasta and no rice, but quite a lot of veggies and fruits, potatoes, cold cuts, fish and others. Including organic tomato sauce! People who hoard pasta without sauce are the stupidest.

We still get mail, and I saw several garbage trucks around.

Now it's a nice warm cup of tea, some cleaning up in the house (it's cold outside).

Tonight is going to be pizza night with the kids and Love of my Life.

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I think it is quite important to focus on the positive right now, so here is a little (very personal) gratefulness list:

- My wife
- My kids
- All the doctors & nurses & researchers fighting the good fight
- All the tech people struggling to keep the lights up and the infrastructure running smoothly
- All the postal workers and delivery people still delivering emails and parcels
- All the garbage truck people still doing their jobs, and what a shitty job that is.

Feel free to add to that list.

That's a pretty good list! Maybe all of the power delivery folks out there too.. Need those lights too, well any utility for that matter. Water..

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