LOL Article of the day:

"Mind you own business Alexa!

How to keep secrets from your voice assistant".

- Step 1: Do not buy any voice assistant.
- Step 2: There is no step 2.

@lanodan @ParadeGrotesque And ask people around you to turn off their devices. But it goes without saying. 😉

@im They won't turn it of, because “It's practical”. Just order a shitload of pizzas whenever you're at someone's house, they'll eventually start to turn off these crap when you're here. You won't even have to ask. 😈

@lanodan @ParadeGrotesque

@ParadeGrotesque ok now write an article on how to keep secrets from other people's voice assistants

I recommend the xkcd method

@ParadeGrotesque Actually there is: don't let anyone else in your vicinity buy one.

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