Back from a long dusk walk in the city.

Phone "health" app says 13km while Google maps says 9.7km.

None of these stats capture the beauty of that place. I feel a lot better, even if I am a bit tired.



I think the correct answer is somewhat in between, probably around 11 or 12km.

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So, both were wrong. I would have thought in the days of GPS accuracy would be better. Too many concrete canyons, probably.


To be fair: I did not turn on the GPS, because I don't really care.

The health app only counts the steps taken, and it does not do this very accurately, and it had no way to measure the correct distance -- I suspect it does an approximation of the distance based on the average human step.

Google Maps may be more accurate, but it's more of a complicated drawing I did on the web site, and not a recording of my walk on the phone.

So: completely fuzzy! Just the way I like it!

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