job issues bad faith and WTF 

Ah, that delicate feeling when your boss announces some particularly shitty reorg. 😐

And adds that he has no idea what *you* are going to do specifically. 😠

And blames *you* for not attending 3 important re-org meetings to which *you* were *never* invited... 😩

Reorg deadline: Q2 2020.

Challenge: find another job way before then.

Yup, my professional life SUCKS right now.

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job issues bad faith and WTF 

@ParadeGrotesque I left that madness with my last job, but I can self-identify with this post pretty hard.


Good luck on the journey

job issues bad faith and WTF 

@ParadeGrotesque Oh man, sorry about what you're going through. Now, if they are blaming you for not attending meetings, that's something that needs to be documented. Was anyone else informed about the meeting in writing of some form? If so, get a copy from them and use that as a defense for you. For these reasons I always ask for documentation. If they can't provide, then their case is moot.

job issues bad faith and WTF 


That's good advice -- I'll do exactly that tomorrow morning.


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