The Court of Session Appeal Court has agreed with the petitioners. All three judges in the appeal court have stated that the prorogation of the Westminster Parliament is unlawful & unconstitutional.


There is no interdict (temporary stop to the action) as the case was already known to be going (final appeal) to the Supreme Court on Tuesday 17th.

BoJo is not out (yet), but he is reeling, on the canvas, and the referee has started the count.

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Congratulations to Joanna Cherry (and others) for another famous victory. First victory was confirmation that Article 50 could be unilaterally revoked. Now, prorogation of parliament is judged to be unlawful.

Fingers crossed that the Supreme Court agrees.

I'm thinking Joanna Cherry QC MP was pleased with to-day's result.

Unlikely looking heroes (is it the wigs?), but proclaimed as heroes nonetheless.

"Heroes of the people"

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It's the wigs. Definitely the wigs.

OK, the red silk robes *and* the wigs.

I wonder if the wigs are still powdered.

Do judges wear wigs anywhere else in the world? Perhaps in some Commonwealth countries.


Mostly Commonwealth countries, yes.

I remember seeing the Ghana Supreme Court once (at least i think it was Ghana), and the wigs were... Let's say surprising.

Also funny: a lot of courts in Germany require their judges to wear funny little hats.

Here is a good comparison:

@ParadeGrotesque @fitheach We visited the UK Supreme Court - mostly because there’s a cafe and restrooms in the basement. But the court was a big surprise and amazingly open - tourists can wander around the building unattended and even walk into ongoing sessions. Our kid got to sit in the main judge’s chair and the guards had a good laugh about it. 😊

Well, let's hope your kid doesn't make a habit of visiting courts when he is older (unless he becomes a lawyer 😉 ).


Lovin' the hats in Haiti.

I think I've discovered a new hobby: image searches for court costumes. 😃

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