W-T-F JetBrains?


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Alas, yes.

This may well be the final push for me to start using emacs.

@ParadeGrotesque I've always disliked JetBrains products. I've never understood the love for them as I've found them bloated, slow, unresponsive, and, quite frankly, inferior to alternatives. But people love them...


Well, on a reasonably powered machine, they *are* responsive.

And coding with them -- especially PyCharm -- is a bit like magic: the IDE auto-suggest the next command and/or variable and is even able to suggest the completion for most libraries.

Add to this an OK support for vim keyboard commands and they have been my goto tools for a lot of stuff.

But not any more, not after seeing this.


I should add: "for various values of 'reasonably powered' ".

(*cough* *cough* 16GB RAM, lots of i7 CPUs *cough*)

@ParadeGrotesque I've never found their auto-suggestions to be better than anyone else (at least in the past when I've tried them...). And "reasonably powered machine" has usually meant "machine that neither I nor my employer has."

They're probably fine tools, but I don't have the hardware or patience for them.


After that screencap neither do I.

What are your go-to tools as a programmer? Asking for a friend...

@ParadeGrotesque I'm extremely biased as I write, maintain, and sell a Fortran IDE (which has some Python support, including not-so-great Python auto-suggestions).

I use Simply Fortran for almost everything (C, Lua, Python) (yes, I dog-food my product).

But I also love Visual Studio (on Windows) and Visual Studio Code. When I was a regular Java programmer, I adored Eclipse, though everyone told me I was wrong.

I've played with Wing for Python, and it's slick.

I do love Sublime, though.


I refuse to use anything that has Microsoft in its name, so VS Code is out.

Eclipse makes me cranky. That UI is just... I mean, I can't. Wing IDE I have tried, but it's about the same as Eclipse, as far as I am concerned.

I am afraid I really have to learn Emacs. At least, the pain should pay off after a while.

@ParadeGrotesque try Sublime Text sometime, in that case. I love it!

I don't know, though... Visual Studio Code doesn't "data process" my personally identifiable information like in your license agreement you posted...


Well, emacs:

- dired
- magit
- tramp
- gnus
- org-mode
- eshell
- mastodon-mode
- irc
- and more languages than probably any other editor ever.

Nothing but GPL goodness in all of this. And the "evil" mode if I ever want to feel "at home".

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