Seems like Microsoft is now pushing telemetry down their users throat, in the guise of a security update.

Honestly, this is a low blow, even for mighty Macrohard.

But I am not surprised.

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@ParadeGrotesque So wait are they preventing people from switching it off now, or is it just reverting to on after a security update?

I ask because I had been under the vague impression the latter was business as usual.


Very good question.

Unfortunately, I migrated away from Microsoft a long time ago, so I can't really answer that.

[On a more personal note, I have a deep and abiding hatred for anything Microsoft, after being burned too many times by their lack of security and consistency.]

@ParadeGrotesque same damn reason I ask, I dont really run Microsoft on any home machines.

I am forced to use it at work, but mostly in-a-boot-to-firefox capacity.

But I hear chatter from my Microsoft using friends.

@ParadeGrotesque These days at work I bring in a personal GPD Pocket 2 running GNU/Linux for anything Firefox can't handle.

@ParadeGrotesque (I've got the amber black celeron edition.) Battery life is pretty great. Between it's native battery life and a good powerbank, I can use it for pretty much a whole work week without it seeing an outlet.

If you accept binary blobs, pretty much all the hardware works out of the box too on a fairly recentish linux kernel.

Only thing I had to do was teach X to rotate the screen and touch screen on boot.

@ParadeGrotesque Im taking computer security classes these days and wanted something where I could confine windows to virtualbox for class should it come up as neccisary later. Celeron's these days even include the virtualization processor extensions for virtualbox!

@ParadeGrotesque Though if I didn't want to future proof it for my classes with virtualbox, I think I would have pre-ordered a Pinebook Pro.


Sounds lovely, but the price is... A bit too steep for me. 🀨

@ParadeGrotesque I got a deal on mine from ebay.

Pinebook Pro is a whole lot cheaper. Part of the reason I would have gone that direction had I not needed virtualbox.

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