Oh wow!
Fantastic weather for today's #Dogwalk , sunniest of the year, so far.

There was a frost this morning and it was still cool in the shade, but in the sunshine it felt like summer.

On the hill I found a Red Deer antler. By the time I got back to the car I had found four more.

Sorry, no doggie photos today. 🐶

#Highlands #Scotland #photo #photography

Here is my haul of Red Deer antlers from today's #DogWalk .

Five antlers, and I wasn't even looking hard. I was concentrating on enjoying the walk with #Neachdainn.

Between now and May is the peak period for the stags to naturally shed their antlers.

#nature #deer #antlers

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That is amazing. I wish I could go for a walk and see nature like that all around me.

Yeah, it was great.
On my way home, in the car, I drove past about 10 antler owners. They were still wearing their antlers.

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