@rysiek PS. They’re far worse than Microsoft… they’re not just evil but also competent.

@aral @rysiek

I beg to disagree: small corporations can be competent. Large corporations will ultimately crumble under their own evil incompetence.

See: Peter Principle, Dunning Krueger, etc.

Case in point: Google still does not have a decent chat application. And they are retiring Hangouts (which was the closest thing to a decent app) in 2020.

@ParadeGrotesque @aral perhaps, but the process of crumbling will take immeasurably long time -- so long, in fact, that it's irrelevant. Look at Microsoft.

And Google not having a chat app, and retiring Hangouts and Google+ -- well, great. But that's just a tiny part of their product line. Most people still use Chrome, search on Google, and use GMail.

Google is dangerously competent in pushing their agenda, I would say.


Either that, or Google Duo.

Does not make any sense either way, and it's still much more insecure than Signal.

@aral @rysiek

@ParadeGrotesque @aral @rysiek Looks from that article that they made something called Chat, which will replace the IM part of Hangouts, just like how Hangouts once replaced the old Chat.

And in the meantime they apparently created and shuttered Allo and didn't yet shutter Duo.

The thesis on Bullshit Jobs looks stronger than it has in a long time.
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