This is a public service announcement.

If your job uses Slack, please remember that the administrators that have been configured can view any channel and download all files and all information published, including channels that are "private" or between 2 individuals.

Your discussions are not secure and can be snooped upon, even private conversations.

In other words: there is no privacy on Slack. Period.

This is the end of this public service

(Don't ask how I know that)

@ParadeGrotesque Just _saying_ this with no source or what not is a potential form of FUD. Did you test this out with a sample Slack site?


I saw this with a major commercial Slack installation at $WORK.

This is not FUD. This is fact, and plenty of people have posted links to that effect.

Make of that what you will.

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@ParadeGrotesque AH okay. I'm just asking something I _know_ someone else might ask (including myself!)

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