Just discovered this:

Since Apple may soon block independent repairs and/or obsolete my MacBook Air I know where my next laptop is going to come from... 🤓

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Also interesting:

They have some interesting laptops and workstation configurations with AMD Ryzen CPUs.

@ParadeGrotesque interesting indeed. They claim 24hr of battery life using a 40wh battery and a 4.5w cpu. Is that even possible?

If the cpu is always draining 4.5w, then it would only last 9 hours. Assuming the cpu is the only thing drawing power.

But, with power saving states, it will be able to draw much less power. So, unless you are running the laptop at full tilt with jobs or using a heavy desktop environment, 24 hours could be possible.

@sowth @cfenollosa

Yes, I think that kind of battery life is only possible by using CPU MHz slowdown and/or core switch off.

Not entirely sure this is possible with Linux, by the way.

@ParadeGrotesque @sowth but the screen, radios and other components also take energy I guess. Nonetheless it looks like it can be considered “all day battery life” which is an excellent goal. A very tempting machine especially for the price

@cfenollosa @sowth
Except for the screen, especially the backlight, the biggest battery killer is definitely the CPU.

Wifi and Bluetooth are relatively low power, especially compared to a modern CPU running on all cores at full blast. SSD are also low power, as far as I know, especially compared to HDD.

I think their devices are quite pricey. How about getting a Lenovo and put Debian on it yourself? Usually gets you better specs. It's not like Ubuntu-Shop makes use of coreboot or libreboot, so their added value is tails as live boot? You can do that ;)

I don't see Lenovo as much cheaper than either ubuntushop or tuxedo, unless you have a cheap site somewhere.

I am big fan of the MacBook Air form factor and portability, and AFAIK, Lenovo does not have something as thin as that, while these are quite close (and offer customization).

Finally, I don't touch Debian at all. Slackware if it's Linux, OpenBSD otherwise... 😉

That's good, lenovo's are pretty cheap here in stores. I'm still shopping around for my MacBook Pro replacement. Lenovo's hardware is usually quite good supported on bsd's.

Can't go with open or FreeBSD yet though due to sublime text 3 and vscode/atom not running on it yet. Electron recently got workable though, so hopes are up ;)

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