Bloomberg article, hot take:

- NSA was involved, and it can track individuals through their cell phones. No surprise there.

- Apple and others chose to hide the issue rather than come out with it. No surprise there either.

- We cannot trust *any* hardware, not just "Made in China". Remember that the NSA loves hardware just as much as the PLA.

- We *need* open-source hardware we can inspect down to the schematics and compare with known good implementations. RiscV?

- We are all f*ed.

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And, of course, this brings to mind the totally craven attitude of so many people in the US, who considered China was a paradisiac playground for strip-mining capitalists and their cronies.

The PLA and the Chinese Communist Party have bamboozled these fools, according to the good old Leninist saying: "The capitalists will sell us the rope we will use to hang them".

Serves them well.

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