@amenthes@chaos.social Targeting hashes? OK, I'll bite.

How do you know a file is potentially infringing? I mean "my_cat.jpeg" for instance.

Do you calculate the hash every time? Costly. Very costly. One million uploads = one million hash. MD5? Nope, SHA256 at least (or risk collision).

And here is the thing: add a blank frame or two to a pirated movie = different hash. Back to square one.

These people *will* scan the file names first. Ergo, include keywords in file name. Force hashing. Crash system.


@amenthes@chaos.social Seriously, though: you cannot win this one. There are just too many ways of running circles around it.

This law is probably going to be applied to ban torrent and irect download sites. But nobody cares, because they will use a VPN to Belarus or something.

And remember: they have to do this for all files being uploaed, or risk missing something valuable. False positives / negatives are fiendishly difficult to process.

I still think civil disobedience is the way to go. Upload away!

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