Anyone have some good suggestions on who to follow on Mastodon? Looking for open source people, beer people, fun people. My feed is pretty quiet these days.. Check out HomelabOS for selfhosting your stuff

HomelabOS hit 500 stars on Gitlab today! We also broke 50 members in our chatroom, stop by and say "Hi!"

This morning I learned/showed how to break a React form out into it's own component.

@ink_slinger Yea I never understood why you would even try to make an FPS on mobile. Even Minecraft sucks on mobile.

My reaction when someone lists "Mensa member" on their social media bio: "Wow, what an idiot."

Some open source maintainers are real assholes.

Setting my phone to reject all calls from any number not in my contact list has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It's funny how Americans kinda freak out when they find out you're not a Democrat or a Republican. I think their thought process is something along the lines of "If you're not on our team, and you're not on their team, who's team are you on?!? I need a nice easy answer like if you are 'Red' or 'Blue' so that I can silo you mentally into categories that I have internally sub-captioned as 'Wrong' or 'Right'."

Just added automated (kinda) Apple Health Data import to HomelabOS

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Forbes: "Millennials aren't having kids, and this is a problem for baby boomers' real estate and retirement"

Me: [looks at state of the world]

Me: "..."

Me: "Fuckin' serves you right."

@waweic Don't have solid numbers yet, once the stack stabilizes I'll run some tests/numbers. It runs fine on my small NUC.

Wow! HomelabOS has received 52 stars, 6 forks, 5 merge requests and 1 user created issue in it's first 24 hours! Not a bad start if I do say so myself. Pretty cool to have other people be excited about one of my open source projects. Thanks to everyone for contributing!

@0x11de784a Hmm, Ansible can run locally though I haven't ever tested running a full script like that locally. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes, if it all works, great, new feature! ;) If it doesn't work maybe try spinning up an Ubuntu VM and deploy against that.

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