I tried to play PUBG last night and decided that mobile gaming sucks for the FPS format and also that I am bad at games because my guy had no clothes (but did have a weapon), and when I finally managed to parachute into the game, his weapon was gone and he was running around mostly naked trying to find other characters. Bad times.


@ink_slinger Yea I never understood why you would even try to make an FPS on mobile. Even Minecraft sucks on mobile.

@NickBusey Yeah, it might be OK if I connected a controller to my phone (but then I might as well just play a PC or console game and take advantage of a larger monitor), but the on-screen controls were super awkward, to the point that I basically had to spot moving in order to attack, at least for hand-to-hand...maybe it'd have been different if I could actually figure out how to use the gun? 😂

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