Launched a new open source project - HomelabOS - Your very own offline-first open-source data-center.

@NickBusey Never used ansible before: can I run that locally too? Would like to fiddle around before I might deploy it :)

@0x11de784a Hmm, Ansible can run locally though I haven't ever tested running a full script like that locally. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes, if it all works, great, new feature! ;) If it doesn't work maybe try spinning up an Ubuntu VM and deploy against that.

@NickBusey That looks like something that will make a lot easier for me. What are the needed system ressources?

@waweic Don't have solid numbers yet, once the stack stabilizes I'll run some tests/numbers. It runs fine on my small NUC.

@NickBusey That sounds nice, I will definitely take look

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