@Nergahak it worked on my old motherboard with a fx 8350 but it doesn't work anymore on my ryzen motherboard :/
@Nergahak had it working with a gtx 1080 but I doubt it was using it for anything other than a display adapter but I like 1000 FPS on the tea pot demo and then had it crashed lmao

I am not being demanding, I have made it run on more modest hardware and with great chances of having the drivers.

@Nergahak I know but I just like to try dumb things for the heck of it that's how I roll

I think if i remember well, I only had a problem once with the video and those USB wifi sticks.

The R1 Beta 2 has recently been released. but I downloaded the nightly build.


Cool. What are the current limitations for using it full time ?

Honestly, I don't see any problems, apart from some normal bugs in the beta phase.The hardware question, I'm having luck.

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