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The battery died and of course, to open it, I need the classic Nintendo black-magic-circle shaped screwdriver :|

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DSS 14 receiving data from Voyager 1 at 159b/s.

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#hamradio #ISS #space

How to get pictures from the International Space Station via amateur radio

Did you know that astronauts on the International Space Station send pictures from space to ground over amateur radio that you yourself can get at home using...

Oh god, the lockdown turned me in a big Hatsune Miku fan. I need help.

And with help i mean more mikumiku stuff.

It’s full of hares here owo
...are those raspberries? Mmmmmm, deliciousss <3

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Mozilla Google budget screaming 

Something is just wrong here... Mozilla just extended its deal with Google (making it the numero uno search engine) for something like 400 million dollars PER YEAR. For the next three years.

That is 1.2 BILLION dollars from 2020 to 2023.

If you cannot run a freaking NON-PROFIT on 400 MILLION dollars PER YEAR that means:

a) You are paying your executives too much.
b) You don't know how to manage a non-profit.
c) All of the above.

Every time I open up twitter I end up depressed. I should delete the account :|

21:15 GMT+2: I’m near a glacier, 1600m of altitude, 19 degree Celsius. I’m in paradise <3

Watching "Super Quark", an Italian popular science program. The host: Piero Angela, now 92 years old, the face of Italian popular science since the 70's. A legend <3

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Ah, 2020. Real thing I sent someone today:

"Would you like me to ring your doorbell and run away?"

Hatsune Miku and furry forearms 39. 

In HM Mega Mix for the Switch the D-pad on the pro controller is useless. The four buttons on the joycons are better but they are at different heights, so the buttons on the left joycon are really uncomfortable. The solution XD:

Che giornata di m.... well, at least tomorrow it's friday.

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Did you know that Satoru Iwata (the legendary CEO of Nintendo) was an unpaid intern at Commodore Japan in Akihabara and wrote a videogame for the VIC20?
#retrocomputing #retrogaming #8bit #vic20 #c64

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