Does anyone have a good, hi-res scan of an 80 column IBM punch card?
I'm trying to make a pdf to print some of them but i can only find crooked or low res picture :|
My version seems quite close but I need a better reference.

Buuut, the installation failed. The disk was spinning but non sound from the head’s arm. I tried 4 more times an finally the arm got unstuck and everything worked fine. Installed win 3.1 too XD

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Now, I had no 5 pin din keyboard, but they are identical to ps2 keyboard, the only difference is the shape if the connector. So i took an old logitec keyboard, cut the minidin, and lapped a din plug. Still nothing from the disk drives tough. Than, again, unplugged the controller isa card, cleaned the contacts... still nothing. Unplugged all the ribbon cables, cleaned contacts... and finally the floppy came back to life.

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Unplugged the vga isa card, cleaned the contacts and finally got something:

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Cleaned everything, plugged the cord, turned on. The power supply fan started spinning... and nothing else appened. No beeps, no boops, nothing ob screen, floppy and hd dead silent. In the end I found that the problem was that hd drawer thingy. Removed that, and connected the hd directly the hd started spinning and I got this:

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It was stored in a very dump basement for... maybe 20 years and the result is... HUHG

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I began the restoration from the oldest one, an am486, 16MB ram and 1.7GB hd piece of junk.

A nice man, retiring and closing his firm, told me: “I have a couple of old pcs to throw away, wanna take a look?”
Me: “Sure, thanks”
The couple:

As expected the battery is spot welded and soldered to the board. I made a battery holder with my 3d printer. A bit junky but it works. :/

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The battery died and of course, to open it, I need the classic Nintendo black-magic-circle shaped screwdriver :|

21:15 GMT+2: I’m near a glacier, 1600m of altitude, 19 degree Celsius. I’m in paradise <3

Hatsune Miku and furry forearms 39. 

In HM Mega Mix for the Switch the D-pad on the pro controller is useless. The four buttons on the joycons are better but they are at different heights, so the buttons on the left joycon are really uncomfortable. The solution XD:

Installed Slackware 8.1 on my old laptop because... reasons.
The first pc i bought with my hard earned money <3
It was the cheapest sony laptop at the time but, if i remember correctly, was still over 1200 euros!

Removing rust with the POWAA OF ELECTROOOONNZU!
MUUAHAH Haha ha ... meh

I Worked enough for today. I deserve a little break.
Should really try and fix my phone... There is friggin' glass powder inside the camera lens XD

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