Ouch, four month since the last post. Got my callsign by the way: IU2LYS :B

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@solderpunk @julienxx @horsemans solderpunk wasn't in the thread yet when I shared this: watersprings.org/pub/id/draft-

I'd recommend this as a starting point for any formal RFC updates since it so thoroughly encapsulates everything that has come before.

Still waiting for the callsign... Ah the joy of italian burocracy.

It works! I Just fixed my 1983 zx spectrum+ (Changed all the capacitors.) The last time i saw it working was 15 years ago T_T

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32 years of no ads, no banners, no session cookies, no persistent log files, user directed features and software. did you join arpa in 1994? happy 25th! lets celebrate on 16-Jun-2019 for sdf.org platform and what can we do next?

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I'm gonna shut my mouth for a bit 😝💦 I had enough tooting for tonite LOL

Today I took the amateur radio licence exam (successfully :D). Now awaiting my call sign.

After some tinkering over the issues caused by the dead NVRAM battery, and compiling a "less ancient" ssh, I'm finally ready.

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Might check out keepass plus nextcloud so will let you know how I get on...

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