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Ham radio people - try out a utility I wrote for sending files over packet radio:

Also check out the underlying protocol that I wrote, which exists as a library:

#ham #hamradio

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Le epidemie non esistono: sono solo uno stratagemma narrativo usato da Manzoni e Boccaccio!!11!!!1

The nvram battery of my sparcstation 10 died years ago. So, every time i booted it I had to write 16 lines of stuff to reprogram the thing. That was really annoying, so I tried the infamous mod. I cut the side of the chip with an hobby knife, severed one of the lead to the old battery and soldered two wires to the exposed leads of the chip.

My poor x230 screen died T_T
Screen replacement incoming though :D

Drinking Italian artisanal walnut beer in my "Hacker" beer jug XD

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Only US states, no Italy, :( Well... There are a lot of Italians in New York, right?

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Took a random 5.25” unlabeled floppy from an old stash, put in the c64 reader, loaded...
It’s a thing called “Plantin’ Pal”... now I’m reading tips for asparagus cultivation. Why? -_-

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