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NYbill @NYbill@mastodon.sdf.org

"Then he made a in-do-en-do..."

Why do I pay for TV?

Just scalped a Lenovo X1 Carbon (IPS) off ebay for a fair price. I've been curious about these rigs. If its too big for me, someone at the LUG just got lucky.

We don't have a scanner in the house. But, I need to scan something to a file. Looks like I'll need to go to Staples/OfficeMax or some such and plug a USB stick into one of their virus ridden machines.

It will be a clean USB stick with forensic analysis done after. :P

PBS is just now reporting on the Block Chain.

I've been cleaning this computer room for 2 hours now.

It just looks like piles of things have moved to new locations.

Chinese take out is on the way. I'm sure I'll have enough for everyone.

TV news, selling ads reporting on tweets.

Thought I lost my $70 flashlight in the hotel room. To the point of emailing the hotel (while there was a replacement light in my amazon cart.)

...just found it in my wife's make up case. Oo

Desktop straight through my ISP is getting a lot of slow to load/non-loading pages today.

Laptop tunneled through my VPS loads the pages fine.

Whoa, I almost just wrote "NYbill" on a work tool. Lets keep those two worlds separate, shall we.

(Was able to turn the N into a W last minuet.)

Hey CNBC, I know you've just discovered Bitcoin. Its not news!

Daw, this girl is tying up her boyfriends man bun.

Oh my... local news reporters now have a microphone in one hand and refer to a smart phone in the other.

And Imgur too? Or is it just me...

Yahoo Finance is down! Oo