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3" of snow so far and this won't let up for a while! Guess I have to get up early tomorrow. :/

Organizing the Blue Bag. A mobile Hack Space. If I don't inventory this between meetings, I start to forget what's in there.

TV commercial, "Lifelock will help you protect your information on the Dark Web."

Just bought a 4000 piece puzzle. Something to do with MrsNYbill while she is on the mend.

But, it is about the size of our whole dining room table! Oo

Saw some blue jays and a red cardinal on my deck just now. Maybe there will be spring after all.

Oi, you want an igloo or not!

/me hooks the huskies to the sled

Was thinking to do some winter grilling. But, 25mph winds. :/

That's it, I have to change the text message tone on my phone. Its set as the STNG door bell sound.

(Think Picard's door bell.)

I'm re-watching STNG now and every time I hear a door bell on then TV, I think my phone has gone off.

I'll find something new tomorrow.

What's this person think this is going to keep safe? You could pick it by staring at us hard. :P

Hey news, you're assuming we're all on the twitt*rs.


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