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LOL, for quite a while now top posts on Reddit's Front Page are things like; What the most ridiculous thing that happened $blah, what really scared you once, What was the craziest thing you saw someone do at a wedding... on and on

People, you're helping to write future movies you will pay to see in the future, for free. :P

A pint and golf on this pubs TV. Good 2600 pre meeting. Now, if BspaMike would get here, we can get some grub.

Just because I happen to wear a goatee, Star Trek, doesn't mean I'm the Evil NYbill!


Todays cooking/kitchen cleaning music (read as Bill makes more of a mess in the kitchen as he cooks) starts with this:

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Alright just killed a goat with a sharp stone tied to a stick. Let me check the desktop on how to cook it.

Amazing how boring things get when the power goes out. It's been about 2hrs now.

Then I remembered a short wave radio I have. At least I have some classical music now.

Back to the FreeNAS project after what... 3 months. :P

It doesn't seem to like my Realtek network card. Sigh, its always something.

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