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The weekend!

Star Trek reruns on the TV. An ES and a Thinkpad.

The manager of this place just said to an employee, "Do you know what VLC is?"

No, it's not what we're all thinking it is. :P

~2foot of snow Sunday.

Wind chills -20f Monday.

Not a good day to be outside Tues.

Wednesday and today ~40f & rain. Both days. All day.

Now the temps are going back down under freezing and I hear sirens all around.


It is amazing how many times I have local news on and say; "That is not a real word.", "That is a double negative.", etc...

Oh, they make heaters that go under throw rugs!

/me investigates

I might not have to close the computer room door and stay out for 2 months out of the year.

I got to do this once. (With fiberglass sticks in a 13.2kv high yard.) Yep, it looks just like that:

*zom Prime... I don't get my stuff in 2 days anymore. More like 4-5. Now they are putting ads in front of their movies.

Jeff, this is not the way to beat Musk to Mars..

A neighbor is shoveling off their car. Yes, its that much snow. Oo

I'll be out come March.

One thing about snow, you can see how many critters are in your yard at night.

Mention Tull for the first time in, well since I even had a proper computer. Now mentions of them show up in reddit.


Netflix raised their rates. Because, the commercials still want their cash.

Was just watching political news again. I don't know why I bother.

Reminded me of this album I had when I was ~20.

Yep (Mr. Anderson tried to warn us!) :P

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Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.
– Richard Feynman
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