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Left over pizza in the oven. Bringing in the new year right!

Local news still saying its chilly. I was in a tee shirt at 3pm.

(Don't worry, Below zero temps are coming. But, you can't sell ad's on, its a nice day.)

Local news is really pushing that "Down load our app" crap. And now, they are "live on f*book." Recording it right on the news desk via a cell phone in a tripod.

Just watched a guy buy scratch offs. Them scratch them off right at the register while other customers are behind him waiting to but their coffees.

English Muffins are in the toaster. Are these as French as fries?

Local news just said, "Down load our app to stay on top of all the news."

I can't wait to download a local news app!

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Yay, Mediagoblin is working again! Thought I lost it that time.
They problem crept into all the backups. Oo

It was a compound problem. Took a few days to figure it out. And of course the solution wakes me up at 3am, then I can't fall back asleep again.

Up at 3:30am fixing the Mediagoblin server. Weee...

Cleaning the computer room. Yes, that is my first Linux drive. Yes, it is SCSI. (I wonder if it still works?)

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