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I should just turn the TV off, News Channel 6, your weather AUTHORITY! has a cartoon over turned car graphic behind the weather map.

I'm not going to work tomorrow!

"Tonight we have information you NEED to know before you get behind the wheel tonight."

"keep your hands at 9 and 3!"

Local news will now tell us how to drive safe in snow, um, after the commercial break. (Be afraid people! Slippery out there tomorrow!)

Oh, local news does World News? (for 1min) The big story all day long was a drifting of snow.

I don't feel like cooking. Hope MrsNYbill is ok with Chinese delivery.

Gotta love the u*tubes "Best guitar I ever played!" and the person is ~17yrs old.

Um, most of my guitars are older then you!

"When you have eliminated the JavaScript, whatever remains must be an empty page."

Looks like Mr. Gibson didn't use a good password. Or he was playing the Bot long game. :P

Had to unsub.

Just seeing if he is still awake. ;)

Last I heard he was under the weather.

Another one came today. The tag line at the bottom says, "Security is our target".

Well, you missed it.

It does look like a lock though. Thats a plus, right? :P

File this one under Simple:

That's you, @jezra A big 'hour glass' no one can click on:

I wish there was a way to boot bots following you.

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