Wesley, get off the bridge. Riker, the beard already.

@jezra just checking it. It's used. Need a 10k linear for a frequency drive at work.

@timttmy Gotta do something while you're waiting for that update.

Doh! can't copy it on the phone.

(anyway, my friends ~13yr old son was sticking his pretzels on his finger before eating them at the pub. We all got on a thing about Pretzel Finger. The new bond villain.)

A bit of GIMP later...

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My tuner since the 80's. It's been kicked around, stepped on, had beer spilled in, 100 9volts... still kicking!


@MunkyBone I haven't. But, signal is where our LUG and 2600 chat. I'll just ignore the regulars and let them filter to the bottom.

I'm starting to see everyday Joe work acquaintances pop up on Signal. Seems It's not our underground techy secret anymore.

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Heh, I'm still playing Pool of Radiance ROMD). I'm too old for this! But, it is winter and I'm cooped up indoors.

It is a hard game to get off level 1! Save often!

Level 3 now.

@theru @timttmy I'll think about it once this white stuff goes away.

@timttmy I guess we should go outside and look at trees or something...

That's it, I've seen the whole internet.

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