Up at 3:30am fixing the Mediagoblin server. Weee...

@jezra Excellent! /me packs the drive in a box of snow.

@cobra2 Only thing I've done with Android and IRC was Irssi Connectbot.

That doen't answer your question. Just mentioning options.

@jezra I'll have to look when I get hope. Yeah, I'm joking as well about using it. The thing used to sound like a jet engine running.

@jezra Come on, where's your sense of adventure. We'll put it in a netbook!

@perloid Yes, that old rig I had did sound like a jet engine when it was on.

@perloid Nice! This one was out of a IBM PS/2 tower/server my uncle had at his business in the 90's.

He was getting some whole new setup and said, "Do you want that?"

I did. ;)

Cleaning the computer room. Yes, that is my first Linux drive. Yes, it is SCSI. (I wonder if it still works?)


Setting up the work t460. Ran the resolution to the max... then had to put on my reading glasses.

Admit defeat one way to the other?

Alright, the computer room is extra messy. (I have too many hobbies!)

I will need something high energy to get this done:


@paul Sometimes we skip it. The Mrs wanted one this year.

@chalkahlom Sorry pal, I was stuck half in/half out of the front door trying to drag a pine tree into my house for MrsNYbill.

@alpacaherder "We're sorry your generator isn't working, we'll send a technician out right away."


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