@theru It was a good morning. And its shaping up to be grilling weather!

So, seems our democracy has become selling ads 24x7 on speculative news.

Hey Soccer (ok, football), if you advertise all the things, all the time...

I do like the smell of the rain in the lawn though. The smell of spring.

@theru I think NY spring is what I complain about. Winter I can deal with. Dress for it and hunker down. But, we're into April. Come on already!

@theru I had to drive ~2h north today for work. Still some ice/snow up there around the streams/creeks.

@xmanmonk No, I'm right in the first camp. I basically work, then sit in this computer chair all winter brooding...

Have you had yourself checked for vampirism? I hear its going around.

@xmanmonk TBH,its 75f here. But, cloud cast, windy, and the humidity is low.

It still feels chilly.

Cold and dreary outside. But, I just ordered a new pair of summer (boat shoe style) shoes.

I'm trying to stay optimistic and believe warm weather will actually get here some day...

@tpheine I think I heard once that was, or was written, as a stage play. Notice the movie never leaves the one 'set' building.

@claudiom oh yeah. Each of my rigs has one. They sell them in a pack. But, I was out of them at the time. I think I cut that one from a larger EFF sticker.

m-u-e-s-l-i is part of the problem. Just say'in...

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