@chalkahlom Heh. Give it time. I'll be tanned like a model. (no I won't. I'll shut the doors in a month and turn on the AC.) :P

I'm always one to complain about the cold weather, all winter/spring.

Not complaining now.

@chalkahlom @perloid Someone took a few months off to let the beard grow...

@morph Nice. I've been reading science/tech related books for too long.! I should find some good fiction again.

Alright, I'll finally be able to tell which of you lot keeps coming in and making a mess of the Computer Room!

@jezra Ah, I always pick an opening a few weeks out where the schedule looks empty. There is no hurry.

@jezra That didn't make much sense, Bill. I opened a box with a bunch of stuff in it. In the box was an unopened thing.

@jezra Ha, almost recorded today myself. I opened a box of stuff and forgot I bought something I meant to open and do a review on.

Well, its still unopened...


@archer72 Well, what I call a 'computer room' is the main desktop, electronics bench & gear, Amateur radio stuff, photography equipment, guitars & amps, and all my books.

It gets messy!

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