@jezra Its servos, a bar-code scanner, belts, and bags underneath. Build one!

Local news woman just said, "In an Uber car, this is $name."

Uber had absolutely nothing to do with what she was reporting on.

LOL, I ordered this lock Oct 18! It took 4 months to get here!

I popped it in less time then it took me to open the package.

"Security is our Target". Well, you've missed, again. (I'm not bragging. This is the second lock I've gotten from this company. I swear, there is only one pin doing any locking at all!)

@jezra its a bottle redemption machine like you might see in the front of super markets.

@vinzv @jezra It is. I was running power to it today. I got to see it boot.

@cobra2 Not sure what any of that means. Its a work phone. Android 8.0. Samsung S7.

I don't like phones in general. Do you know, I've never actually owed my own cell phone/account. ;) Its always been work phones.

@alpacaherder I'm more wondering about my phone, not here...

Jeff Buckley, Michel Penn, Ani DeFranco, Dinosaur Jr. :P

Mentioned Pink Floyd to a friend ~3 weeks ago. The y*tubes have had PF links suggested for me since.

Last weekend at the LUG I mention and old George Carlin skit. Now he is suggested to me in the YT's.

This is getting creepy. Next I'll mention some obscure band...

@timttmy I see. Its just, that LUG email was the first I had heard of them at all. I'm keeping my eyes on them.

@timttmy Is this the new black one? Is it out? A guy in our LUG mailing list mentioned it a few months back.

You make me wish Ronnie never sang it, Mr. Money.

@timttmy Yea, it happens. There was a large bot attack about a year ago. But, they slowly got it under control.

@bgardner Yep, I use it every day too. One of my VPS's is logged into Freenode and 2600 different channels on both) for persistence.

I SSH to the VPS and reattach to a tmux session.

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