@jezra Some of us talk on the Signals. But, baby steps...

@jezra I had 3 wisdom teeth out at once in my teens. I remember the shiny stainless chisels.

Went for another spin on the bike today. I forgot how 'zen' it is to be going fast. My brain tunes out the world and stays in he moment.

@theru @beni well, I swapped my front and rear lever for the time being. It made it to the local store. ;)

@theru I thought to bring it to a bike shop. But, they would probably laugh. I bought the bike in 2003. The shop that built it up (Richard's Bikes) built it with quality parts. But. they were all (new) close out 1-2 year old stock.

Who know if the local shop is even set up to service brakes that still use actual brake fluid. I hear its been mineral oil now for years.

Anyways, I like to tinker. So, I'll try and fix it.

@theru @navigium I bought a bike stand for motivation. ;)

Everything lubed. Shifting tuned up. The rear break issue is the last step. I hope at least one of those levers is usable.

Got set up to service/bleed the hydraulic breaks on the bike, @theru @beni. The rear break master cylinder is leaking. :(

(well, it is a 20yr old bike.)

@timttmy I'll be right over. ...um, after i renew my passport. Oo (its been that long!)

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