Cleaning the computer room. Yes, that is my first Linux drive. Yes, it is SCSI. (I wonder if it still works?)

Anyone remember when I found a Geocache while working. I put some stickers next to it and asked for someone to do a on Geocaching. Well, I'm back here about a year later.

The stickers are all gone. Some people seemed to have signed the envelope. But, I never heard a HPR from it.

Oh well, good fun anyway.

Another one came today. The tag line at the bottom says, "Security is our target".

Well, you missed it.

It does look like a lock though. Thats a plus, right? :P

File this one under Simple:

That's you, @jezra A big 'hour glass' no one can click on:

I'll have to talk to her about this! Under the bed, on the dresser, kicked on the floors! Four in this room alone!

Alright, this is a decent, inexpensive, lock. I can feel a false set at times. I suspect a spool pin.

Last a*zon order, LED bulbs for the house, I decided to click on pad locks. Then I clicked price low to high. They are mostly $1-$3 locks. But seems I'll be getting around 8 of these. ;)

File this one under EASY:

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