Hey websites, I notice you're making it harder recently to view your page with adblock or noscript running.

You have to remember, people are on your sites because they happen to be bored at the moment. They are not interested in playing whack-a-mole to figure out what silly bit of Java will let your site load.

They'll just click the back button.

Careful, they might actually find out the real world is more interesting. :P

@nybill I actually broke down and subscribed to a newspaper recently.  I needed local community news & it is delivered to me Wednesdays.

@alpacaherder Cool. I've never actually subscribed to a news paper. But, I sometimes buy a local. (granted I might skim the content then do the crypto-quip and crosswords during lunch.)

@NYbill @alpacaherder $30/yr is borderline worth it for the comics and puzzles alone.


Except for the Bridge column, that never makes any sense.

@nybill For USD$30 for a year's subscription in a community like Ashtabula County, you can survive on just a weekly newspaper.

@NYbill An inconsequential exception: The other day I spent 3x time breaking a paywall before 1x time reading the article because I took it as a challenge. Of course the ratio was only that high at all because of doing it on my phone but whatever.

@gws news paper sites drive me nuts. You click to allow two scripts related to the company through... then 60 new scripts show up.

I can't hit the back button fast enough.

Won't name the site I just did this on, but:

>"ad-blocker-custom-blur"), function(b) { b.className = ""; })

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