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@nybill how's the install going? I've been trying budgie desktop on my latest arch machine and I'm liking it!
NYbill @NYbill

@timttmy @nybill Saw this buddy, only because I was paying attention. Somehow it seems to want to go to the old VPS I no longer have. Federation! :P

...but, it did make it here.

(Install went well. I'm typing from the new rig now.)

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@nybill I'll remove the GMN account from my db. That should fix the double nybill trouble :D
@nybill I cheated with Arch install this time and went with revengeOS because @kevie reviewed it on tuxjam and my keyboard backlights work ( I couldn't get them to on the old Arch install). It took longer to remove the revenge bits than it would of taken to install straight Arch but I'm happy with it now.
@timttmy @movedsdfnybill @nybill good to know that #TuxJam has a place on your podcatcher. I liked OBRevenge but it simply would install successfully on my hardware. It was a shame.