"Then he made a in-do-en-do..."

Why do I pay for TV?

@theru There is ONE channel that I need. If it weren't for that one, TV would have been gone long ago!

Can't you get the Golf channel online ? :P

@theru Heh, golf is not a 'need'. (a financial channel. Not that I'm listening to what 'they' are saying. I listen to what they are telling everyone else.) :P

Its paid for every trip abroad, my truck, computers... my "free money".

:) it really seems strange that one can't that something like that online - who knows in a year or two that could be the case and then you can kick out the cable (tv thing)

@theru I need to see what all the 'average joe on the street' types are seeing/hearing. If those people are online, they are probably on FB taking selfies. :P

:) I think that is Instagram or something that they use for that (I have no clue I'm to old and grumpy to use stuff like that)

@nds Ha, I forgot about that channel. I go through when setting up a TV and delete 80% of the channels. Kids ones, and those silly shopping QVC type things, etc...

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