@NYbill 😥 Are you getting rid of it? What new one are you going to buy? 😉 /cc @theru

@navigium @theru not getting rid of it. I was just moving it from the basement to the garage. It's sitting sadly on two flat tires. I might fix it up and give it a spin around the neighborhood for old time sake.

@NYbill @theru Take it to the local woods or hills. That's its natural habitat, not the neighborhood... ;)

TBH I have been riding less than I would have liked lately because at the moment I spend most of my weekends climbing mountains with radio gear to operate HF on the top... ;). I still ride my road bike and unicycles regularly during the week, though.

@navigium @theru baby steps to the woods, Beni. I have to get the thing back in shape first. I just ordered a repair stand.

@NYbill @navigium Looks like it's muddy you must have been out riding it :)

@theru @navigium well, that is more dust then mud at this point. :P

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