Still cleaning the computer room. Blast from the past:

@NYbill I still have a copy of that. That's part of history.

@NYbill And didn't every level of law enforcement and govt come down on that like a ton of bricks!

@Gemlog I'm upstate a bit. I took the train down one day to the park. Everything seemed calm. Just a gathering of like minded individuals. But yes, there were a lot of cops right outside that park. (not getting political. That is just what I saw.)

@NYbill Yes. I was thinking more of the fast spreading Occupy movement outside of NYC and Wall Street
But even the star Wall Street instance the public was watching had "several penned-in female demonstrators being hit with pepper spray by a police official".
Calm gatherings of like-minded individuals trying to make an inconvenient point about capitalism and our rich overlords are the norm. Only police introduce violence and subversion to agitate to excuse the repression.

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