@theru that's it, pull the plug and let it all go down the drain.

@NYbill or I could get some beer relax and wait until it gets updated :P (gnome 3.34 is currently getting into the repos)

@theru I should talk... my Arch lappy needs some work. It stopped hibernating for some reason. So, it chews through the batt with the lid closed.

...maybe a weekend project.

@theru Yeah, I'll look into it. Something to do at the LUG tomorrow.

You gonna make it? Sail to NYC and hook it North up the Hudson. ;)


@theru Oi, get some Vikings rowing double time!

(Catch up with you one day, pal.)

@NYbill @theru
Stop ashore here on your way through and you will have one more Vikingr Rower! After all, I'm wearing the helmet (see Profile pic). Of course in the land of @NYbill I will seek payment in the form of Ale and Mead. *g* #Viking #mead

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