Oh my goodness, I had no idea utube puts an ad between every song! Is this how the kids live these days?

I going upstairs to get my Arch lappy all loaded down with ScriptBlock, Ublock, etc...

@yrabbit I have the album(CD). I have it ripped to the phone (and was playing it from there).

I just never knew when I share a link to an album from the phone on the Utubes there are ads all through it.

Think Weezer is getting a cut of that?

@NYbill Ah, I did not quite understand the situation. I thought that the problem was the abundance of advertising when downloading from YouTube.

In general, I don’t look directly from the site: everything is spoiled with advertising.

And I don't understand why --- is there at least one person who clicked on these banners and bought something?

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