Mentioned Pink Floyd to a friend ~3 weeks ago. The y*tubes have had PF links suggested for me since.

Last weekend at the LUG I mention and old George Carlin skit. Now he is suggested to me in the YT's.

This is getting creepy. Next I'll mention some obscure band...

@NYbill Say Ozric Tentacles 3 times and prepare for some psychedelic rock :D
@NYbill No way!
You need to turn your phone off. Now!
Back to the cli for everything.

You're joking, it can't be, they usually are sneakier with these things.

@NYbill Missy Higgins, Lindsey Sitrling, and there are likely others I can think of for obscurities...

@alpacaherder I'm more wondering about my phone, not here...

Jeff Buckley, Michel Penn, Ani DeFranco, Dinosaur Jr. :P

@NYbill @alpacaherder
What version of Android? Is it stock? Do you have gapps?

@cobra2 Not sure what any of that means. Its a work phone. Android 8.0. Samsung S7.

I don't like phones in general. Do you know, I've never actually owed my own cell phone/account. ;) Its always been work phones.


yeah, sounds like you need to stop doing 'personal stuff' on a device that you don't control at all.

This is what my paranoid brain is seeing in your descriptions.

- the built-in virtual keyboard is logging key words that you type. possibly passwords.
- if you have 'assistant' enabled. google is recording your voice 24/7. Just like amazon. except, google is running analytics on your voice to determine how to sell you better targeted ads.

IMHO you should.....
- STOP using youtube.
- get a better browser that disables cookies, sessions, javascript. (firefox klar)
- use nextcloud to store your bookmarks.
- install 'hackers keyboard' from fdroid.
- install fdroid
- go through settings of everything and opt out of anything third-party.
- install termux and bring the cli to your phone.
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