Saw some blue jays and a red cardinal on my deck just now. Maybe there will be spring after all.

@NYbill I suppose there has to be life out on the Tundra

@theru I'll contemplate that in 2 months while I'm grilling.

@NYbill two month ? Can't you just dig a grove in the snow out to the grill ?
@theru @NYbill

Snow/cold is no excuse to not grill. I grill all year long just outside my igloo.

@cobra2 @NYbill I did tell Nybill to get an igloo to grill in but apparently you can only grill seals in one
I have indeed grilled in the middle of a snow storm. And it was wood, not gas.
@theru @NYbill
@johnnynull @theru @NYbill

I've used wood, gas, charcoal. All while in the snow/ice at some point in time.
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