That's it, I have to change the text message tone on my phone. Its set as the STNG door bell sound.

(Think Picard's door bell.)

I'm re-watching STNG now and every time I hear a door bell on then TV, I think my phone has gone off.

I'll find something new tomorrow.

@NYbill LOL! It happens to me as well when my niece plays Quake II on my N64. The computer sound effect in between levels is my ringtone. 😁

@claudiom @NYbill it's been many years since I've had a ringtone of any kind. Phone is always set to vibrate.

@rpcutts I only set ring-tones for friends and family.

Everyone else, have fun with voice mail.

@claudiom Nice! I have to work in rail road yards some times.

I was just in one today. When the engines start moving cars it sounds just like a sound effect from Half Life 2. (towards the end of the game.)

Its been too long to remember what that was.

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