@NYbill I got very, very chilled just going portal to portal briefly taking a car ride to my local credit union that does not have Mobile Deposit. I'm not going back out today.

@alpacaherder I'm not sure where you are. But, in NY its been strange. Noon today I had just a tee-shirt and flannel on. 3 hours later wind gusts to 40+mph temps down to 11f.

@NYbill Ashtabula, Ohio. Sub-zero air temps, wind chill ranging -20 to -40.

@alpacaherder Oh yea, you're right in it! Buckle down!

I've heard the Thruway is shut down out your way.

@alpacaherder Hang on, confused your local with Buffalo for a min, Re: thruway.

/me looks at the map

Oof, right on Erie. Yep, buckle down!

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