looks like past me took notes when installing pleroma in a jail /current me buys /past me a beer
@NYbill luckily past me is the same as current me :) so /me gets a beer

@theru I don't know... I know both "you's". Past you was having a pint or two with me then. Current you... Ah, carry on. ;)

@theru You should see our family photo from ~1989. I was the metal guy, :P

@beni @theru Its hanging on my parents wall. I cringe every time I see it. Oo

@NYbill what's your parents address then? I'll pop round to have a look. ;) /cc @theru

@beni @theru LOL let me know when you'll pop in. I'll make you both a proper coffee.

(we should warn then first!)

@NYbill @theru I'm just leaving right now, expect me in a couple of minutes...

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