Alright just killed a goat with a sharp stone tied to a stick. Let me check the desktop on how to cook it.

@nybill Is power still out? Maybe your electric utility should buy some power from PREPA / AAE ( #PR electric utility ).

@theru @lnxw48a1 @NYbill first you should skin it, that way you get clothes for the rest of the winter

@ghostdancer @theru @lnxw48a1 hang on... I'm busy bashing different rocks together to see if any of them spark.

@ghostdancer @theru @lnxw48a1 power is back on! Anyone need a dead goat and a pile of rocks? I'm going inside.

@NYbill Welcome back to the 21st century, put the goat in the freezer for the next blackout. @theru @lnxw48a1

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