@beni One of my VPS's is logged into Freenode and 2600 IRC servers 24x7. I just reattach to them with Tmux when I log in.

@NYbill I used to do this on , but right now I don't - for whatever reason. Probably lack of time to check for messages.

@beni That IRC channel you saw in the pic is our LUG's. It moves slow enough you can almost 'leave messages'.

Fast IRC channels I can't keep up with. I'm not in front of a screen all day.

@NYbill In my local lug - which isn't really a lug but just a bunch of nerds - we use a Matrix chat room. This one moves very slowly. Like one message a month.

@beni Ha, one message a month. That's our 2600 irc channel. ;)

They all use Signal these days.

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