Gotta find some kitchen cleaning music. Not feeling motivated...

Going with The Final Cut.

Note to self, get a robot dish washer.

Stop making Mastodon noises during One of the Few!

@jezra Have a suggested album? A random click on a tune on y-tube sounded a bit too 'punk' for my liking.

@NYbill It is hella 90's punk. There is nothing quite like angst with a catchy riff to really help scrub pots and pans. :)

@jezra Ha, I imagine so.

I never really got into punk'ish stuff. The heavier sounding stuff I will sometimes listen to is, I don't know... maybe it leans toward prog-rock?

Stuff with complicated arrangements.

Punk was always a bit too straight forward for me.

@NYbill in that case... Vivaldi's Four Seasons might do the trick

@jezra Lets not go to extree... oh, forgot who I'm talking to. :P

Here is tonight's Beef Stroganoff making music. If Vivaldi was a punk:

@jezra I'm still on the MV album. I'll check it out next.

@jezra Well, MrsNYbill got home. I have to switch to something she can tolerate with my "weird stuff".

I'll check out Carnyx next 'home alone'.

@jezra You played a long game there. Put that through a tube amp, just loud enough to start breaking up. And give it a little reverb. Hit single!

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