@nybill I still have one at home that has a floppy drive. The battery and screen are dead, but a VGA cable and an external monitor should let it support a 32 bit minimal distro.

@lnxw48a1 that's a box from the 90's. I had a IBM 386 back then. I'm just cleaning the basement and saw that box.

I still have a rig I could put those in. My first ever laptop.

...if it still works. Oo


@lnxw48a1 If I remember correctly, that laptop dual boots XP and Ubuntu. It controlled/played a Return to Castle Wofenstein server/tower I used to have on the floor of that bedroom back then. That should date it.

@theru A box of, I used to waste a lot of time and money. :P

@theru If only you knew how to raid the Hudson River back then we could have pooled our resources.

@NYbill :) I was raiding to the east back then all the way to Oz

@nihil heh, I had to go look. I barely remember that disk. I do recall using some sounds off it for certain things.

I thought it might have been this. This is the Star Trek game I remember on that 386:


@NYbill omg this game is awesome! I had no idea it existed

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