@theru It was running a business. They had me in because it keeps rebooting at night. They were blaming the power in the building.

Maybe is that CPU fan with bad bearings running at half speed cooling the crust you used to call thermal paste.

@NYbill :) sometimes it's not a complex problem. Also using a UPS should be mandatory on a server

@NYbill Someone attach a super charger to a blade server?

@NYbill This looks like someone in the background should whisper: "To the bat cave!".

@vinzv This is the typical type of set up where you can find the root password on a post-it under the keyboard.

@NYbill I had the exact same case many years ago. Such a meme case

@ghostdancer its a server at a company. What do you want to bet their IT guy took the money for a new server, bought a new eight for home, & put his old gaming rig at the business. :P

@NYbill I confess I ddg-ed "new eight server" and then imagine it was other thing and deduce that it was "new one" but it took me some time

@NYbill Isn't that an Antec Skeleton Case? I remember those. Funny form factor.

@xiled That is the first I've seen one. I just though it was a odd server set up for a place of business. not really, professional looking. More like a gaming rig.

They'll deck it out with some glowing liquid cooling next.

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