Alright Amazon, that is the beginning of the end. You can't have people PAY for prime, then stick commercials in the front of every video!

@NYbill The EXACT reason I don't pay for cable tv. If I am paying for it there should be no commercials! #strikestrikestrike

Is it a trailer because movies have been doing that for years
@musicman @nybill @ragamuffinjim

Preview / Trailer: These movies come out soon.
Announcement: The snack bar has these kinds of snacks and drinks.
Commercial: Buy this car.

Amazon very well could be showing commercials.
oh, they definitely could be. I just wondered what @nybill was actually seeing.

@musicman It seemed to be showing other stuff that was available to watch. I just found it annoying.

They should make a channel for stuff like that. Little previews of Drama, Comedy, Documentary, etc...

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